Program in Science, Technology and Society

Gender and Technology

Thematic Areas

Course of Study:

Required Course: Prerequisite

  • SCSO 1000: Gender, Science, and Society
  • SCSO 1400: Science and Society: Theories and Controversies

Thematic Track: 

  • GNSS 0120: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • GNSS 1710: Sex and the Law (equivalent at Smith College)

Science Track:

  • CSCI 2300: Seminar in Human Computer Interaction
  • CSCI 1951C: Designing Humanity-Centered Robotics
  • CSCI 1310: Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • CSCI 1230: Introduction to Computer Graphics¬†(equivalent at Smith College)

Related STS Courses (Theory)

  • GISP: Science & Art: Seeking Consilience
  • SOC 1879: Sociology of Gender
  • MCM 0230: Digital Media

Required Course: Capstone

  • SCSO 1900: Senior Seminar