Program in Science, Technology and Society

Health and Medicine

Thematic Areas

Sample Course of Study:

Required Course: Prerequisite

  • SCSO 1000: Science and Society: Theories and Controversies

Thematic Track: Health and Medicine (Content)

  • PHP 1070: The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries
  • BIOL 0170: Biotechnology in Medicine
  • SCSO 1550: Topics in Science and Society

Science Track:

  • BIOL 0200: The Foundation of Living Systems
  • BIOL 0800: Principles of Physiology
  • BIOL 1160: Principles of Exercise Physiology
  • BIOL 0500: Cell and Molecular Biology

Related STS Courses (Theory)

  • MCM 0100: Screens and Projections: Modern Media Cultures
  • HIST 1180: The Rise of the Scientific Worldview
  • ENGL 1761N: Natural and Supernatural: Issues in the Study of Science and Religion

Required Course: Capstone

  • SCSO 1900: Senior Seminar