Program in Science, Technology and Society

History and Philosophy of Science

Thematic Areas

Sample Course of Study:

Required Course: Prerequisite

  • SCSO 1000: Science and Society: Theories and Controversies

Thematic Track: History and Philosophy of Science

  • HIST 1140: Nature, Knowledge and Power in Early Modern Europe
  • PHIL 0360: Early Modern Philosophy
  • HIST 1190: Nineteenth-Century Roots of Modern Science

Science Track (e.g. Physics)

  • PHYS 0070: Analytical Mechanics
  • PHYS 0160: Introduction to Relativity and Quantum Physics
  • PHYS 0470 : Electricity and Magnetism
  • PHYS 0560: Experiments in Modern Physics

Related STS Courses (Theory)

  • HIST 1971T: Knowing and Believing: Galileo to Darwin
  • PHIL 0360 Early Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 1750: Epistemology

Required Course: Capstone

  • SCSO 1900: Senior Seminar