Program in Science, Technology and Society

Race, Science and Ethnicity

Thematic Areas

Sample Course of Study:

Required Course: Prerequisite

  • SCSO 1000: Science and Society: Theories and Controversies

Thematic Track (Content)

  • BIOL 1920A: Colonialism, Imperialism, and Public Health in Africa: Past and Present
  • AFRI 1060F: Philosophy and Race
  • POBS 0910: On the Dawn of Modernity


  • BIOL 1920B: Health Inequality in Historical Perspective
  • AFRI 1800: Race, Empire, and Modernity
  • ENVS 1720: Environmental Justice: The Science and Political Economy of Environmental Health and Social Justice

Science Track: (Biology)

  • BIOL 0200: The Foundation of Living Systems
  • BIOL 0470: Genetics
  • BIOL 0480: Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOL 0800: Principles of Physiology

Related STS Courses (Theory)

  • HIST 1190: 19th Century Roots of Modern Science
  • PHIL 1700: British Empiricists
  • ENGL 1761N: Natural and Supernatural: Issues in the Study of Science and Religion

Required Course: Capstone

  • SCSO 1900: Senior Seminar